The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is a high-level analytic ability test requiring the solution of problems stated as analogies.

The test consists of 120 partial analogies, which are to be completed in 60 minutes. Fluency in English, a broad knowledge of Literature, Humanities, Philosophy, History, Science, Mathematics, Fine Arts and the ability to reason out relationships may contribute to performance on the MAT. MAT analogies require you to think in a creative ways and to analyze implied meanings and relationships. Dictionaries and other reference aids are not permitted when taking the MAT.

An analogy is a statement suggesting that two things are related to each other in the same way that two other things are related to each other. The equation for an analogy is written in the form A:B::C:D, which can be read as "A is to B as C is to D." On the MAT, one term in an analogy has been replaced with four options, only one of which will correctly complete the analogy. The analogies are arranged in order of difficulty. An example of an MAT analogy is PLANE:AIR::BOAT: ? (a. submarine, b. fish, c. water, d. pilot). To answer an analogy, you must select the option (a, b, c, or d) which creates a valid analogy. The option that correctly completes the above analogy is c. water. The relationship is that a PLANE travels on AIR, and a BOAT travels on WATER.

Who is required to take the MAT test?

Students that are applying to graduate school, licensing and credentialing programs, and business schools may be required to take this exam.

Registration Procedures:

• Step 1: Determine if you need to take the exam

Graduate School will determine if this test is needed for your degree plan. If you have any questions, contact their office at (915) 747-5491.

• Step 2: Payment Procedures

The test fee of $55 may be paid online using a credit card.


Payment of Test Fees are valid for one fiscal year (September 1st through August 31st of the following year) and will expire at the conclusion of the fiscal year. Tests scheduled, but not taken during the fiscal period, will also expire. Should the candidate wish to take the exam upon entering a new fiscal year, then a new payment must be prior to test registration.

• Step 3: Register for a test session

Online Registration – If you paid online, refer to your confirmation email and locate the reference number. Then go to and login using your UTEP credentials. Click on "Test Registration" to select the test and test date for your exam, then click "Register". Enter the reference number you received in the confirmation email to reserve a seat.

In-Person Registration – You can also reserve a seat in person at the Office of Student Assessment & Testing, located in the Academic Advising Center Bldg., Suite 127, or by calling the TEST RESERVATION line at (915)747-5009. Refer to the test schedule for dates and times. Once one session gets full, it will no longer be displayed on the registration system. Refer to the test schedule for dates and times. Once one session gets full, it will no longer be displayed on the registration system.

• Step 4: On the day of the test

Report to the Office of Student Assessment & Testing. Arrive 15 minutes early for check-in. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted.

Present Identification - You must present two valid (i.e., unexpired) forms of identification (ID). Your primary form of ID must be government-issued and contain both your photograph and your signature. The second form of ID is not required to have your photograph or signature. Acceptable primary forms of ID (government-issued with photograph and signature) include:

• Driver's license
• Government-issued identification card or passport

Acceptable secondary forms of ID (photograph and signature not required) include:

• Credit card
• Library card
• Utility bill with your name and address appearing exactly the same as on your primary form of ID

Follow this link to learn more about taking the Miller Analogies Test.

UTEP Codes: ACT: 4223; AP, CLEP, SAT, TOEFL: 6829; THEA: 357; DSST: 8021;