Off-Campus Testing

The Student Assessment and Testing office offers two off-campus testing options:

1. Remote testing of specific UTEP institutional exams for off-campus students
2. External Correspondence test proctoring for online students of other institutions who need to complete proctored exams here in El Paso.

Remote testing of UTEP institutional exams

The remote institutional exam option is only available to UTEP students who fall into either of the following categories:

1. The student lives outside of El Paso County and is enrolled at UTEP as an online student either through UTEP Connect or any of the other UTEP online academic programs.


2. The student currently lives outside of El Paso County and desires to complete the TSI Assessment requirement before traveling to UTEP to attend school in person.

Students who need to complete the TSI Assessment but do not fall into either of the above categories can call the UTEP Student Assessment & Testing office at 915-747-5009 to schedule a testing appointment at the testing center.

The Student Assessment & Testing office currently has two institutional exams available that can be completed remotely. Click on the link for the exam you need specific instructions.

1. Remote Spanish Placement exam

2. Remote TSI Assessment

External Correspondence test proctoring

External Correspondence testing services are available to both local UTEP students and non-UTEP students living in El Paso who are enrolled in online courses for other institutions or agencies. External Correspondence tests are scheduled exams so an appointment must be made at least one week prior to the requested test date. If you need to schedule an External Correspondence exam for another institution or agency please contact Andrew MacDonald at 915-747-6633 or to set up an appointment to test.

UTEP Codes: ACT: 4223; AP, CLEP, SAT, TOEFL: 6829; THEA: 357; DSST: 8021;