The PAM is a required online practice exercise that must be completed before students can attempt the TSI Assessment. The purpose of the PAM is to give students an opportunity to be exposed to the types of questions they will see on the TSI assessment. The PAM also gives students an indication if there are any subject areas covered by the TSI assessment for which they will need to study before attempting the exam.

The PAM is only an exercise to be completed and will not be scored. You will take the PAM on your own time either at your home or at your school; you should spend less than 30 minutes on the PAM. Only upon completion of the PAM will you be permitted to register for the TSI Assessment Test.

Complete these steps to start PAM

1. Make sure you have your student ID number, Date of Birth, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number to sign up. If you already have a UTEP user name and password you can also use it to sign in.

2. Go to MyStatus website and sign in or make an account accordingly.

3. Click on the PAM Button.

4. Under "Introduction to TSI Pre-Assesment Module (PAM)" click on "Continue to Take PAM".

5. Proceed to answer the Pre-Assessment Questions.

6. Click on "Get Feedback".

7. Only upon completion of the Pre-Assessment Module will the student be permitted to register for and to take the Texas Success Initiative state tests.

NOTE: PAM should not take more than 30 minutes to complete. You will be logged out after 20 minutes of no activity. To prevent yourself from being logged out, make sure to move the mouse or you will have to log back in and start over again. The PAM MUST be completed before you can schedule the TSI Assessment. If you complete the TSI Assessment without completing the PAM first, your TSI Assessment Scores will be void.

UTEP Codes: ACT: 4223; AP, CLEP, SAT, TOEFL: 6829; THEA: 357; DSST: 8021;