Texas Higher Education Assessment (Internet-based test)

In accordance with Texas Administration Code (TAC) Title 19 Part 7 Chapter 227.10, undergraduate students who aspire to become elementary, middle, secondary, or all-levels teachers in Texas must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the teacher preparation program. All students must take all three sections of the THEA iBT exam as part of the admission requirements to Teacher Education. To be admitted into the Teacher Education program, each student is required to meet the minimum passing scores on the THEA iBT test - Reading 230, Math 230 and Writing 220.

Who should take the THEA IBT?

First meet with an Academic Advisor in the College of Education Advising, Recruitment, and Career (ARC) Center, located in the Education Building, Room 412 to determine if you are required to take the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA). Please email all questions or concerns to

Test Schedule

Please visit the Testing Calendar for a schedule of test dates.

Cost-two payments

1. Go to, create an account and pay your $29 fee directly to THEA. IMPORTANT: The e-mail address [and password] used when setting up your account will also be used to access your test – have login information available for test day

Click on “Purchase THEA IBT” and pay $29 exam fee. Acceptable forms of payment are VISA & MASTERCARD. IMPORTANT: Print out confirmation receipt and bring a copy with you on exam day.

2. Then pay the $20 UTEP administration fee online with a credit card at


Online Registration to reserve a spot for your test date – If you paid online, refer to your confirmation email and locate the reference number. Then go to and login using your UTEP credentials. Click on “Test Registration” to select the test and test date for your exam, then click “Register”. Enter the reference number you received in the confirmation email to reserve a seat.

In-Person Registration – You can also reserve a seat in person at the Office of Student Assessment & Testing, located in the Academic Advising Center Bldg., Suite 127, or by calling the TEST RESERVATION line at (915)747-5009. Refer to the test schedule for dates and times. Once a session gets full, it will no longer be displayed on the registration system.

What can I expect during the THEA IBT?

• You will be required to complete a registration form at the beginning of the test session.

• The THEA Test consists of three sections:

Reading: 40 multiple-choice questions matched to about seven reading selections of 300 to 750 words each.

Mathematics: 50 multiple-choice questions covering four general areas: fundamental mathematics, algebra, geometry, and problem solving. (Note that an on-screen calculator will be available for your use during the Mathematics Section.)

Writing: Contains two subsections: a writing sample subsection requiring students to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively in writing on a given topic and a multiple-choice subsection including approximately 40 questions assessing students' ability to recognize various elements of effective writing.

• Once the test session has started, you will have 4 hours to complete the test section(s) as needed. Individual test sections are not timed within the test session. You may use the time available to work on any of the three test sections. You may spend as much time as you want on each test section and may work on the sections in any order you choose until the test session ends.

A practice test is available at

When will I receive my scores on the THEA IBT?

The complete score report will be available once the examinee’s writing sample is scored, which can take up to ten minutes. There may be instances a writing sample may take longer to be manually scored. The examinee may then access and print his/her complete examinee score report by logging into his/her account at

NOTE: A score report WILL NOT be printed/provided at the test center.

Retaking the THEA IBT

There is a strict 15 day waiting period to retake the THEA iBT on the day of the test

Important Information

Report to the Student Assessment & Testing Office at least 15 minutes early for check-in. If you arrive late, you will not be admitted.

You will be required to present an official photo identification card.

Acceptable forms of photo identification:

• U.S. Driver’s License
• UTEP Identification Card
• Passport
• U.S. Department of Public Safety Identification Card
• U.S. Military Identification Card
• U.S. Alien Registration Card

UTEP Codes: ACT: 4223; AP, CLEP, SAT, TOEFL: 6829; THEA: 357; DSST: 8021;