The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is used to evaluate the English proficiency of students whose first language is not English. It evaluates the student’s knowledge of English at the intermediate to advanced levels of English language studies.

The Institutional TOEFL is delivered via paper/pencil format and has three multiple-choice sections:

The approximate time for the TOEFL test is 2.5 hours.

Who is required to take the TOEFL Test?

Undergraduate Admissions – The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will consider all relevant information to determine if you are required to take the TOEFL.

Graduate Admissions – The Office of Graduate Student Services will determine which tests you need to take for admission to Graduate School.

Registration Procedures:

• Step 1: Determine if you need to take the test

Apply for undergraduate or graduate admission. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the Office of Graduate Student Services will determine what tests you need to take.

** NOTE: The Institutional TOEFL is valid only at UTEP.

• Step 2: Payment Procedures

The test fee of $42 be paid online using a credit card.

THE TEST FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. Valid only for one fiscal year (September 1st through August 31st of the following year)

• Step 3: Register for a test session

Online Registration – If you paid online, refer to your confirmation email and locate the reference number. Then go to and login using your UTEP credentials. Click on "Test Registration" to select the test and test date for your exam, then click "Register". Enter the reference number you received in the confirmation email to reserve a seat.

In-Person Registration – You can also reserve a seat in person at the Office of Student Assessment & Testing, located in the Academic Advising Center Bldg., Suite 127, or by calling the TEST RESERVATION line at (915)747-5009. Refer to the test schedule for dates and times. Once one session gets full, it will no longer be displayed on the registration system.

• Step 4: On the day of the test

Report to the Office of Student Assessment & Testing. Arrive 15 minutes early for check-in. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted.

Present Identification

Test takers are advised to bring at least two forms of acceptable ID each time they report to a test center. With few exceptions, ID documents must meet all of the following requirements. Each ID document must:

• be an original document; photocopied documents are not acceptable
• be valid; expired documents (bearing expiration dates that have passed) are not acceptable
• include the test taker's full name matching exactly the name used to register
• include a recent photograph that clearly matches the test taker
• include the test taker's signature

Follow this link to learn more about what to bring on Test Day.



*If you are not able to retreive your student ID number please call 915-747-5009

**Test taker is the only person that is able to pick up the score report and must provide a valid picture id for scores to be released

UTEP Codes: ACT: 4223; AP, CLEP, SAT, TOEFL: 6829; THEA: 357; DSST: 8021;