TSI Online

UTEP offers the opportunity to take the TSI test online for students who are planning in enrolling at UTEP only. You can take the test from anywhere as long as your computer meets the requirements. Note: The online TSI is not available to take at UTEP.

The Remote TSI Assessment option is only available to UTEP students who fall into either of the following categories:

1. If you currently live outside of El Paso County and are planning to attend UTEP in person or

2. You will be attending UTEP as an online student through UTEP Connect or other UTEP online program.

If you live within El Paso County and need to complete your TSI Assessment please contact the Student Assessment and Testing office at 747-5009 to set up an appointment to complete your TSI Assessment at our testing office.

Testing Procedures

The easy steps below provide you with the information necessary to schedule and take your live online proctored exam.

1. Complete the Pre-Assessment Module (PAM) at mystatus.utep.edu.

*Important: Do Not Use Internet Explorer to take the PAM

2. Once you completed the PAM send an email to Andrew MacDonald at distancetesting@utep.edu, stating you completed the PAM and then you will receive a testing voucher.

3. Please review the Testing Procedures at http://accuplacerlive.onlineproctornow.com/ and make sure your computer meets specification requirements.

To set up an account:
• Click on the blue button labeled "Register".
• Type in the requested information. All fields are required.
• After creating a password you will need to select the University of Texas at El Paso TSI in the drop down menu.
• After all the information has been entered click on the blue button labeled "Register".
• If you have any questions regarding registering or scheduling your exam, there is a link to some video tutorials in the upper right corner of the Live Online Proctor Center.
• There is a $25 dollar fee to complete the Virtual TSI Assessment which will need to be paid with a credit card at the time of the online scheduling process.

4. Schedule your Exam Time at the Live Online Proctor Center.

5. After you have scheduled an exam appointment, you need to click on the "Test Your System" link in the lobby of your Live Online Proctor Center to test your technology prior to your exam online.

6. Once your computer has passed the System Check click on the "Start Your Exam" link in the lobby of your Live Online Proctor Center to begin your proctored exam online.

Should you have any further questions about online testing procedures, please use the Contact Support option in the lobby of your Live Online Proctor Center.

Navigate to http://accuplacerlive.onlineproctornow.com/

Any additional questions in regards to UTEP’s process please contact Andrew McDonald at 915-747-6633.

Once you have completed your virtual TSI Assessment administration your scores will be uploaded into the UTEP data within 24 hours of completing your assessment.

UTEP Codes: ACT: 4223; AP, CLEP, SAT, TOEFL: 6829; THEA: 357; DSST: 8021;